DNF Editorial Staff

Social Media Disrupting Business Models: The focus on the customer is more important each year, as they become more connected and informed. Tools to connect, compare, and select have made manufacturing the most upstream value chain beholden to these pressures.

IOT increasing Efficiencies and Employment Opportunities: The proliferation of sensors, automated systems, and complex software/hardware solutions continues to yield powerful data and analytic needs. If you want to improve labor efficiency and save on service costs, this is where you need to look.

Re-Shoring and Next-Shoring: Supply chains, specifically in manufacturing, will begin to move within and out of Asia, as labor and operational costs rise. Companies are also looking to move operations closer or back within their shores as automation is drastically reducing costs.

Large Capital Infusion: The global economy is turning the corner, and capital is beginning to move to new models in manufacturing, technology innovations, and big data solutions.