DNF Editorial Staff

As businesses grow, the scalability, flexibility and performance of the IT Infrastructure is constantly under stress. Servers & storage systems that once performed at an optimum level may now look sluggish due to advances in technology and software. The IT resources may not be as flexible, available, or adequate as before which can seriously affect end-user experience.

Not knowing the limitations of one's IT systems can stifle future growth, and put the organization's business interests at risk. The in-house IT team may not have the necessary experience or expertise to evaluate the existing systems for current and future needs. They also lack the vision that the senior management has for the business, and knowledge of competitive pressures that the sales and marketing teams possess.

That is why, it's important to engage the services of companies who are experts in IT Discovery and Evaluation. These experts act like a think-tank and analyze your IT Infrastructure situation in order to make relevant recommendations to the Top Management. They could raise questions such as:

  • Are the CIO, VP-Technology, and IT Managers adept at what they do?
  • Are they aware of all the instances of service interruptions?
  • Are the end-users happy with the performance of the IT Infrastructure?
  • Are there enough budgets for the IT Department?
  • Are they update on technology improvements and prepared for downtime situations?

To answer these questions, the experts could take an inventory of the IT Department and analyze:

  • KPIs and SLAs for the IT Department
  • Quality and size of the IT Support teams
  • Time taken to respond to support calls on an average
  • Monthly metrics on system availability and uptime
  • Frequency of software upgrades to ensure none of the systems are outdated
  • Do the IT teams initiate user satisfaction surveys among the employees
  • What are the kind of training programs and certifications arranged for the IT staff?

Finally, the Technology audit will uncover:

  • How open is the company to adopting the latest technological innovations?
  • Are they considering Server and desktop virtualization?
  • Are the enterprise softwares compatible with all mobile devices?
  • Is the company open to adopting Cloud-based services?

The purpose of this Discovery & Evaluation Services is to help the organization achieve three primary goals:

  • Optimize IT Service Delivery
  • Manage IT Risks
  • Maximize ROI on the IT Infrastructure

DNF provides this kind of an expertise. We will help assess your IT infrastructure and give you a 360-degree analysis so that you can make informed technology decisions in the months ahead. Our evaluations services cover three important components: Requirement Assessment & Design, Performance & Reliability Testing, and Technology & Business Enablement.

Our evaluation will uncover behaviors, activities, and inputs that are creating bottlenecks in your IT infrastructure and degrading its performance. Our recommendations will enable you to achieve specific business goals and bring your IT environment up to speed with your competitors and other players in the market.